10 Austin Food Trucks That You Need To Try


Everyone has heard of Franklin BBQ, but is it really worth the wait? Hours of waiting, and unless you were there since 8am, they will probably sell out before you put your order in. Nope, not worth it. Sure, it was on No Reservations and Best BBQ Ever, and On The Road Eats, but to us, its a lot of hype.

The Austin Passbook works with most of these places. What does that mean? 2-for-1 deals on listings in the Austin Passbook, including food, activities and more.

La BBQ ( 902 E Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX  78702) – In this case, “La” is not a definite article referring to “Tex-Mex”, it’s an abbreviation referring to the first name of the co-owner LeAnn Mueller, granddaughter of the founder of Louie Mueller Barbecue. The brisket here is cooked for 12 to 15 hours at about 275 degrees, and has a smoke ring of perfection.

Like most BBQ trucks in Texas, they are open til they sell out. Get there at 11am when they open to guarantee yourself some lunch. Come on the weekend and there is free beer Friday through Sunday! The BBQ is amazing just the way it is, but try a little of their vinegar based sauce as well, icing on the cake!

What did we order? 1 pound of lean brisket, beef ribs, The buttermilk bacon potato salad.
la bbq austin

Gordough’s  (1503 S 1st St., Austin, TX 78704) – They specialize in made to order, decadent, donuts with wild toppings. They have three locations now, but the trailer is our favorite. The line gets long after 10am so get there early. If you perfer a sitdown, indoor location, their other 2 nearby spots have full bars and bigger menus. Head to the location on South Lamar and have a Country Clucker, thank us later.

What did we order? The Mother Clucker and Granny’s Pie are our top 2 choices. They all look delicious and it is hard to choose. The Mother Clucker is a glazed donut, topped with chicken strips and honey butter. Granny’s Pie is a glazed donut topped with caramel, pecans, bananas & graham cracker crumbs.

gordough's austin
Torchy’s Tacos ( 1311 s. 1st Street, Austin, TX  78704) – Owner, Michael Rypka left his fancy executive chef job to chase his dreams and in 2006, Torchy’s Tacos opened on Bouldin Creek at South 1st.

The menu was designed by the customers. Whenever Mike heard his customers holler “damn these tacos are good!” they were added to the menu. Today Torchy’s Tacos operate over 30 stores and a trailer park.

What did we order? The taco of the month, which happened to be The Tipsy Chick : Grilled chicken and corn, green chiles, baby spinach, homemade maple bacon and burbon marmalade, cheddar cheese and chipotle ranch sauce served on a flour tortilla. The Democrat is also a favorite of ours.

Don’t forget the queso and chips, recently voted #1 by locals.

torchy's tacos

Hey!.. You Gonna Eat That Or What? (1720 Barton Springs Road, Austin, TX 78704) – Order from the 2013 Truck by Truckwest winner and get some snarky attitude on the side, but that’s all part of the experience.

What did we order? The Shiner Bock Monte Cristo, a Shiner Bock beer-battered monte cristo, with pit-smoked ham, mesquite-smoked turkey, cheddar and provalone cheese with a side of homemade cherry and fig jelly.

monte cristo austin hey! you gonna eat that or what

Ms P’s Electric Cock (1101 South Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78704) – Stop giggling at the name and keep reading. This place is cooking up the best fried chicken in Austin. Open at noon daily, they close when they are out of farm fresh chicken. Ms Ps Electric Cock cooks with sustainable, top quality products locally sourced. The fried chicken is fresh (never frozen) and is antibiotic free, hormone free with no additives or preservatives. You might have seen them on Restaurant Startup Season 2, or Food Network’s Eat Street Season 3.

What did we order? The Hen Scratch Slider, boneless tenders with slaw on a sweet roll, and a 2 piece of fried chicken, spicy & juicy,served with roll & jalapeño.

ms p's electric cock austin


Bananarchy (603 W Live Oak Street, Austin, TX 78704) – Going here reminds us of hot days at the fair, waiting for a hand dipped, chocolate covered, frozen banana. The only choices then were nuts or no nuts? (PS: Always nuts). At Bananarchy, there are endless topping choices on their menu, or you can create your own disater concoction.

What did we order? Double dip chocolate with M&M’s and chocolate dip with nuts and oreos. bananarchy


Cow Tipping Creamery (2512 Rio Grande Street, Austin, TX 78705) – The menu is huge, and the possiblities are endless. Soft serve goes to another level with the ice cream trailer’s stackers, which layer everything that makes sundaes delicious, including housemade ingredients, including fresh fruit purees.

What did we order? The cara-nutella popcorn stacker.

cow tipping creamery austin


40⁰ North (1502 S 1st Street, Austin, TX 78704) – Clint, a New York lawyer-turned-chef opened this wood-fired pizza trailer specializing in Neapolitan-style pizza after moving to Austin in 2011.  He left the law behind to study the craft of pizza making in Naples, Italy. They were also just listed on Thrillist’s 10 Best Pizza Spots in Austin.

What did we order? The Margherita Pizza, although they are famous for their Hot Honey pizza which has San Marzano Tomatoes, Hot Coppa, Ricotta, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Mike’s Hot Honey.

40 north austin pizza


Chi’Lantro is one of the only trucks on this list that actually changes locations. Click HERE for their schedule of locations.  their truck is the orignal home of the Kimchi Fries, although now they also have 2 restaurant locations. Their food is an Korean-Mexican fusion truck with some crazy combinations that are delicious. They serve hybrid tacos, burritos, and bowls that meld Korean tastes and tradition with Texas’ rich Hispanic culture.

What did we order? The Kimchi Fries of course! Who could resist a tower of crispy fries topped with caramelized kimchi, cheddar, monterey jack, cilantro, onions, magic sauce, sriracha, and sesame seeds

chi'lantro austin

Luke’s Inside Out (1109 S Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78704) – Luke Bibby and his wife Tracy run this French inspired food trailer located next to the Gibson Bar. Everyday there are three daily specials on the menu in addition to the regular menu items. Head over on a Sunday from 11:30am-3pm for an all you can eat, buffet brunch ($12) featuring all sorts of goodies.

What did we order? The Chicken, a grilled sandwich filled with spciy, Schezuan fried chicken topped with sesame slaw.

the chicken luke's austin

Now that you are well fed, make sure you check out Austin’s best breweries.

54 Replies to “10 Austin Food Trucks That You Need To Try”

  1. I love how food truck vendors have become so trendy. Even my nephew has jumped on the bandwagon and is selling gormet grilled cheese sandwiches in his college town!

  2. Yes please! This food looks really really good. I’m so in love with food trucks that do crazy good food and it looks like that’s definitely what you’ve found. I can’t wait to try these when we go in April.

  3. OH MY WORD! I’m salivating 🙂
    LA BBQ followed by Gordough’s would be a cholesterol hell but my personal heaven. I’m a big foodie, as is James. Think James would stay at the Cow Tipping Creamery forever.
    Amazing tips and choices. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I am amazed how crazy the USA is about food trucks. They have been around for a long time but suddenly seem to be it and a bit. Interesting that many of these trucks don’t move and also have restaurants. A lot of places the truck is it and it moves around to add to the mystic. Good post if I make it to Austin I will try a few- La BBQ looks fantastic.

  5. Wow, I’m starving after looking at that! I’m not sure where the donut was under all that sugar, but I do have one question. What is a Monte Cristo?

  6. This post has made me so hungry!! The picture of the tacos is fantastic and I think Torchy’s would have to be my first port of call. I can’t decide whether those frozen bananas look really delicious or really sickly sweet – my kids would definitely love them though!

  7. We ate from many food trucks at SXSW last year and are booked up to go again next year. Glad I found your post as I am now veggie so may be a bit more of a challenge to eat this time around. It’s not a truck but we had an amazing Indian on Rainey St and breakfast at Juan in a Million, superb. Excellent post, love all of the puddings!

  8. I’ve had a few of these but banarchy is new to me and I’m all over that! Frozen bananas covered in yummy stuff – YES, thank you! Love the tips. Adding them all to the list!

  9. Torchy’s for breakfast, Luke’s for lunch, Chi’Lantro for dinner, and Gordough’s for dessert? Sounds like the best day ever! We’ve been to most of these places, but the rest are on our list.

    But besides Austin’s food truck scene, did you get the chance to make it to any of the awesome stand alone restaurants? If not, and you plan on going back, the Salty Sow is a must! The duck fat fries are to die for!


    Steven & Nicole

  10. This is not helping the diet! hahaha! All of this food and the awesome photography has me salivating! Austin is such a great town with a cool vibe…now I need to go back AND do a food truck tour!

  11. Wow there’s quite a few cool options there. WTH is Kimchi fries?! I thought most food trucks moved around, kinda surprised to hear that’s not the case.

  12. I was reading your post in the airport while waiting my flight to Thailand. Before this great article appears, I was so happy thinking about the thai food I would have for lunch. But now, it is all ruined, I just can think about those mouth watering dishes from the truck in Austin. Can I change my flight ticket?!
    OMG, so hungry!!!

  13. Food trucks are becoming very popular in colleges now. The kids really seem to enjoy them. It’s a little tricky for me to try any of the food, since I have a pepper allergy but the food certainly looks great.

  14. Oh yum! I’ve never really been interested in visiting Austin, but all these food trucks are changing my mind! Are the food trucks pricey in Austin?

  15. Oh my that BBQ brisket looks amazing! I’m not sure I would have made it past there but then those loaded kimchi fries – words fail me! I can’t get to the food truck right now but I’m studying the photo and plotting an at home attempt – magic sauce could be a challenge but I’ll give it a go 🙂

  16. The popcorn stacker looked the most interested but I would eat the pizza 1st. That’s my fav style of pizza. I got to NYC a lot and eat pizza more than anything else there. I’m never tempted to try all these fancy combos that critics rave about. Nothing I have tried is as good as simple Margherita? What do you think?

  17. Looks so good, and so American. I find all of that food super rich, and the portions out of this world. I feel I would have trouble finishing it all – regrettably, a first-world problem.

  18. There used to be a truck selling sausages. One was called Predator & Prey, a mix of rabbit and rattlesnake. It was sooooo delish. Do you know if it is stil there? It was in the food truck park on South of Congress, up on the hill.

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