5 Restaurants in Austin Locals Don’t Want You To Know About

5 Restaurants in Austin Locals Don't Want You To Know About

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  1. Uchi and Uchiko are very good! But you need reservations and the price point is too high to be an everyday sushi place. This is 1 step under price wise, but the quality is great!

  2. I have never been to Austin, Texas, but I hope I do get to visit someday. And when I do, your handy-dandy list of eateries will be very useful! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. What I found fascinating was how different these restaurants are, from the type of food they serve to how it’s served … paper to perfect. Good inspiration for those of us that haven’t tried to search out their local gems

  4. Gosh these all sound like great places to visit. I’ve never been to Austin, but when/if I visit, I will definitely hit up one of these spots. I’m a health nut, which is why Paperboy looks deliciously sinful to me ha ha. Nice selection…. Getting hungry now….

  5. Dang! Every restaurant in Austin Tx you listed LOOK AMAZING!!! I have a good Ramen place by me…..love it! I would def eat here next time i’m in Austin Texas!

  6. Never been to Austin but have heard wonderful thing about the foodie and the restaurant scene over there. Cannot wait to travel and try this restaurants soon.

  7. These do look like amazing restaurants. I am most curious by the one called Paperboy. It looks old school but those places make the tastiest foods sometimes.

  8. Oh my god! I’m sure they taste amazing as they look. I’d totally go to Ramen Tatsu-ya because I love love Ramen. I’d pretty much go to all of these because I’m a foodie haha

  9. THE SUSHI CALLS TO ME! I am obsessed with sushi, it’s basically all I eat – hahaha! But hot damn, when I was in Austin, the amount of BBQ I ate is CRAZY!

  10. Most people outside of Texas or Austin have never heard of Pflugerville. We want to include smaller areas outside Austin on the list, because everyone is willing to drive a bit for good food!

  11. These all look like fantastic places to eat. I will have to check out Brotherton’s Black Iron Eats when we are in Austin this winter.

  12. I’ll be heading to Austin, Texas the beginning of next year for a conference. I’ll definitely be keeping these wonderful eating establishments in mind – especially Andiamo!

  13. This is a VERY helpful post as I am visiting Austin soon and I love going to places that locals love. Tomodachi looks so delicious, but I am literally drooling at that Paperboy photo!!

  14. I have never had the opportunity to visit Austin but if I did I would be all over that Italian restaurant.

  15. I’m in Houston so Austin is like 2-3 hours drive away. I’ve only been to Austin once, but I am definitely planning to go back. If I do, will check out these restaurants! They make me hungry!!

  16. *runs away with the ramen* We need places like this where I live. I’m sure they’re somewhere but I’m too poor to go anywhere and find out xD

  17. Haha this is awesome. I’ve been wanting to do something like this, except for NYC restaurants. Definitely bookmarking for next time I’m in Austin!

  18. Oh Wow! Austin is only 45 minutes away! I’d love to try some of these places out! I’m definitely sharing for my friends in the area!

  19. When I think of Austin, it’s the music scene that comes to mind first. But there look like a ton of great foodie options too! Hope to be back in Austin soon.

  20. I must confess I have never been in Austin, but who would not love to see this place and most especially try this delicious foods. I will recommend this to my friends who are working there.

  21. I never know about this restaurants. I love ramen so I will have to bookmark this so I can tick off this places when I opt to visit Austin.

  22. the Andiamo’s raviolis look amazing. I’m hungry right now and am drooling at that picture. The Ramens looks delicious too. Have to keep this list handy for when I visit Austin.

  23. Omg I’ve literally salivating with all the amazing food photos! Ever I’m in Austin I know what places I’ll be trying. First is the italian food at Andiamo. Yum!

  24. These are the types of places I like to find whenever I travel! All of these places look so yummy (and now I am super hungry and wanting to take a road trip, lol!). Thanks for the great list!

  25. I am not much of a heavy food or meat person so I would love to visit Andiamo and tomodachi. I really like that Andiamo uses locally sourced ingredients and that the dishes are based on traditional recipes.

  26. Ooh these made my mouth water! I’ve got friends In Austin so will certainly be passing this on – I wonder if they’ve been to any!

  27. Locals know all the best places to eat and sometimes I’m not surprised they don’t want to share, these look like some wonderful places to grab a bite to eat.

  28. Those locals will always hoard their best places. All the places sound delicious I am surprise at the variety of options.

  29. I never been to Austin but I will visit soon sometime. I m glad that you provided a list of good Restutants and jake easier for us to choose from.

  30. Never been to Austin but it looks like a foodie paradise. I am going to Pin it so that I can refer to it when I go there. Great post!

  31. oh gosh.. that mouth watering ramen that I’m craving for a year!
    now, where to find it here in Manila? lol

  32. Your post is definitely making me hungry! They all looks delicious and deserves your review ,:)

  33. I love finding the local spots when we are traveling, they are always the best! My son loves ramen so I would like to take him there first.

  34. As some that lives on the other side of the pond! The food looks amazing! From thuan article. I feel draw towards “paperboy”
    It looks really cool!

  35. What is it with secrets and their allure? Whenever someone says I know a place no one does and it has great food I just have to visit it. The Italian had me.drooling!

  36. We get to Austin pretty regularly as we live near Dallas. I can’t wait to try some of these next time we’re down.

  37. All of those restaurants sound amazing. My favorites are Paperboy and Brotherton’s Black Iron BBQ. I love food that is from farm to table and I also love some good BBQ. If I’m ever in Austin I will eat these places.

  38. This list is really helpful for anyone who love to try delicious food.Always there are hidden gems which offer really delicious food options.

  39. These all sound like great places in Austin to eat. I would love to try the plate from Paperboy with sweet potato hash browns and other goodies. It looks delicious. Thanks for sharing these awesome places.

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