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We had to update this active post as a lot has changed since our first visit over two years ago. Now, we have the input as locals to help you seek and drink some of the best beers available in Austin, TX today. Please keep in mind that depending on the date and time you have read this post from us some beers may have rotated (no longer available at this time) or have clearly sold out if it’s referring to a limited release. Don’t worry we’ll make the limited stuff very clear. We have made a spreadsheet to help assist you with visiting the best breweries, their addresses, websites, tasting room hours and tour schedules. It came in handy during our visits prior to relocating to Austin as some breweries were listed on sites but not all of their info (that we provide) was available. So, I will be your online guide to finding good beer in Austin. There are way too many to review and name individually so I, Shannon as a huge craft beer connoisseur and homebrewer, will share our thoughts on a few of our favporiets and share a detailed spreadsheet that will point you in the right directions. Save this to your phone or portable device, tap the address of the brewery or bar that interests you and it’ll open up in your GPS to guide your way to beer.

Here is the spreadsheet below if you just want to view or print it, OR go HERE and download the .xls file so you can edit it to your liking.

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Lets start with our personal favorite, Jester King Brewery. We have agreed that Jester King is one of the best, if not the best, breweries in Austin. Focusing on wild fermentation style beers, JK has produced some of the finest sours in the country over the years. Their seasonal fruited sours such as Atrial Rubicite, Fen Tao and MvB (Montmorency Vs Balaton) have been holding the summers in ATX down for years. With low bottle counts and year long waits for each of these to drop once a year they do tend to sell out pretty fast. Keep in mind that Jester King is pretty far from downtown Austin, it will almost encourage one not to go. I’m SO glad we did the first time we’v e visited this awesome city. Its a beautiful location on a family-friendly farm founded by Jeffrey Stuffings and Michael Steffing with an amazing atmosphere, delicious pizza from the on-site Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza bar that offers a huge variety of pies and just lots of fun period. It’s an outdoor brewery for the most part but has an inside bar, covered patio and the tour is inside their temperature controlled barrel house which will offer a nice cool break from the Texas heat if visiting in the summer. If  you have been to any breweries you know they are mostly industrial, warehouse or retail spaces that are sometimes modern but rarely outdoor space like this.


Lets move on to our next personal favorite, Hops and Grain. Located in East Austin, H&G make some really good brews from IPAs to porters and lagers. Some of their flagship beers would be The One They Call Zoe a pale german lager, Mosaic which is a dry hopped IPA and the new addiction 78702 which is their Kolsch ale. H&G CEO and Founder Josh Hare plans to open their second location in San Marcos, TX in which they are allowing the general public to become investors with the new project. Over $1,000,000,000 has been invested into the San Marcos facility to date The new location will allow H&G to up their production with an additional 20,000 barrels.

Originally the East Austin brewery didn’t have a license to serve alcohol so you would have to buy one of their cool signature glasses that came with five pours, thankfully, that has no changed and you can drink with ease. They do can their brews at this location so you may be lucky enough to score their cans right off the line. Doesn’t get any fresher than that!




Leave a comment or contact us if you have any questions about a planned trip for food recommendations, best beers to try or the breweries in general. Hey, you may just run into us at one!

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  1. I haven’t been to Austin, but it’s a city I definitely want to visit. Had no idea there were so many breweries there. Another reason for me to visit.

  2. Great article. We also will create some type of spreadsheet or itinerary for breweries when visiting a city. Also, i am so impressed you were able to do all of these within 4 days. That is awesome! Jester King is great and glad you liked them. I have never been to Hops and Grain but will have to check it out the next time we are in Austin

  3. This is an awesome list! We are road tripping through the US soon and we are definitely planning on swinging through Austin. Thanks for the recommendations … we’ll have to pull this page back up when we’re there! Happy travels and happy drinking.

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