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Secrets to Traveling the World on a Budget


Secrets to Traveling the World on a Budget is our first e-book, and its been over a year in the works. At first we were hesitant. They are secrets afterall. It took us years to figure these things out. Explaining how they worked would be time consuming and hard to do. We needed to make it simple to understand. So everyone from a well seasoned traveler to someone who has never flown can reap the benefits.

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These are the secrets of how we travel on a budget. We are asked daily how we do it. Are we rich? Work for the airlines? Nope. We tried, failed, traveled, went over budget, and learned lessons the hard way.

From booking airfare, hotels, hostels, vacation rentals, to price hacking, traveling as a couple, currency exchange, down to dealing with travel troubles, we cover it all.

We hope you enjoy the book and it helps you travel more and spend less!

– Tiana & Shannon