Nutrition for Injury Recovery

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A healthy diet is always important. Besides helping you to maintain a healthy weight, proper nutrition improves your overall health. But did you know it plays a role in recovery? During a period of injury, food fuels your recovery, so it’s important to eat well.

The Science

The more serious the injury, the more critical diet becomes. With healing as your primary goal, you want to eat for both strength and recovery. Eating the right blend of nutrients isn’t just smart–it’s science.

When we have an injury, inflammation is usually present. Most people think of inflammation as being a bad thing, but it actually helps to trigger the repair process. At this time, you will experience pain and swelling.

During this earliest phase of your injury, you’ll want to eat a large amount of anti-inflammatory foods like mixed nuts and seeds, avocados and oily fish like salmon and sardines. During this time, add in spices that aid in reducing inflammation such as turmeric, garlic, and cocoa, tea, and berries.

The third and final stage of your injury is known as remodeling. Here, stronger, more permanent tissue is formed, replacing the damaged tissue.

Nutrition is equally critical during these stages. During this time, your metabolism can increase upwards of 50%. To adequately fuel and heal those injuries, up your protein intake. This means an increase in lean meats, eggs, and a healthy balance of dairy. Don’t forget to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in all colors, as well as a variety of carbs like whole grain rice, quinoa and sprouted grains.

Taking a variety of supplements helps aid in recovery as well. Vitamins A&C, copper and zinc have all been shown to boost recovery.

Proliferation refers to the second phase of your injury. During this stage, your body flushes out damaged tissues, restoring new blood supply. Temporary tissue develops during this time.

If you’ve been dealing with an injury, physical therapy can help you recover. Many physical therapy clinics offer a variety of treatment plans, including physical therapy for sciatica

The Role of Physical Therapy in Recovery

Physical therapy is important for pain relief, as well as improving range of motion; physical therapy plays an integral role during the healing process. If you’ve been dealing with an injury, the team at Cawley Physical Therapy can help you recover, they offer a variety of treatment plans, including physical therapy for sciatica.

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  1. Inflamation is a “bad” thing because it hurts. People don’t see past that. Nerve endings in our skin are a bad thing because they hurt. But if we placed out hands on a hot stove without nerve endings to hurt us, it would be a catastrophe.

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