Our Smart and Sustainable Home

Our Story

We just bought our very first home from Brohn Homes, which is so exciting in itself. We have been travelling around the world immersing ourselves in culture and experiencing something new all the time and never thought we would settle down. A decision was made to invest, and at least put roots down somewhere that could be our home base.

As bloggers, we are always online in one way or another. Taking photos, shooting video, posting on social media, working on a blog post, and we are ALWAYS on the go.  We want to build a home that is as wired as we are. A home that we could control whether we were in Austin, or across the globe.

Not only did we want a wired home, but we wanted to make the home as energy efficient and sustainable as possible. Our home was designed and built by Brohn Homes, and construction finished on May 31st, 2016. We are taking our time choosing our brands and products to make sure we can honestly and transparently tell others how they work, how easy they were to install and use and use on a daily basis.

We have partnered with several brands already and will continue to upgrade and automate the home as much as possible by the end of Fall 2016.

Our Partners

IT Bed by Sleep Number:

WiFi Video Doorbell by:

Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Cam by:







LED Smart Bulbs by:

Raised Garden Bed by:

Whole Home Control by:

TV anywhere by:

Touchscreen locks by:

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Smart sprinkler control:

Smart alarm clock by:











Join the Project

Want to join the project? Send us an email: powercouplelife@gmail.com